Pea and Nuts Cookies Recipe

Pea and Nuts Cookies Recipe

Pea and Nuts Cookies Recipe . Green Pea Cookies is a combination formula.

This formula is a record-breaking kids most loved formula and is made utilizing green peas, dates and almonds.

Green Pea and Nut Cookies

Pea and Nuts Cookies Recipe

It is a mix of both wellbeing and taste.

How to make Green Pea Cookies

Stage 1

Preheat stove at 350 degree F and set up a treat sheet with a liner.

Stage 2

In a food processor/processor join peas and dates and toil as smooth as could be expected.

Stage 3

In a blending bowl, spoon the peas blend and add tofu and blend well in with a spoon.

Then, at that point, add almond flour, salt and baking powder and blend well in with your hand.

Exceptionally delicate batter like surface will be shaped.

Stage 4

Take a tablespoonful of the batter among palms and structure a round shape and tenderly straighten in the center.

Attempt to try and out the level round treats however much as could reasonably be expected.

Stage 5

Put the treats on the treat sheet and enhancement with crude almonds. (one almond on every treat and press delicately so they stay together).

Pea and Nuts Cookies Recipe

Stage 6

Put the treat sheet in the center rack of the stove and prepare for 25-30 minutes or until marginally brown in shading.

Stage 7

Remove it from the broiler and let the treats cool down for some time and serve.

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