Moong Dal Bonda Recipe

Moong Dal Bonda Recipe

Moong Dal Bonda Recipe. Moong Dal Bhajia is a famous Gujarati formula made utilizing moong dal.

This nibble formula is a decent choice for kitty gatherings and rainstorm nights.

Moong Dal Bonda

Moong Dal Bonda Recipe

It works out in a good way for tea/espresso.

Partake in this simple formula!

How to make Moong Dal Bhajia

Stage 1

Right off the bat, wash the dal and absorb 3-4 hours advance.

Then, at that point, eliminate the abundance water and mix.

Stage 2

Presently, leave it somewhat coarse and add the other fixings and blend well.

Stage 3

Moong Dal Bonda Recipe

Heat the oil for singing.

Add the dal balls and fry till brilliant fresh and serve hot.

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