Protein Multigrain Sandwich Recipe

Protein Multigrain  Sandwich Recipe

Protein Multigrain Sandwich Recipe. To set up this yummy sandwich, take a bowl an Assuming you are searching for a sound breakfast formula, here is an exemplary Multigrain Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich for you that you can plan effectively at home.

Multigrain Sandwich

Protein Multigrain  Sandwich Recipe

This sandwich formula is genuinely scrumptious as its pre-arranged utilizing multigrain bread, capsicum, hung curd, carrot, lettuce, mustard glue and flavors.

This is a simple to-make and no-cook sandwich formula that can be made for individuals of all age gatherings.

You can involve your selection of vegetables in it to make it more scrumptious. (Formula by: Mukul Jha, Executive Chef, Grand Mercure Mysuru)

How to make Multigrain Yogurt Coleslaw Sandwich

Stage 1 Prepare the hung curd combination for sandwich

To set up this yummy sandwich, take a bowl and combine as one hung curd, earthy colored garlic, bean stew chips, salt, pepper, honey.

Whisk it and make a smooth glue.

Stage 2 Prepare the coleslaw filling for sandwich

Wash and cut fine juliennes of carrot and capsicum in a bowl and blend in with hung curd combination.

Then, wash the coriander leaves and finely cleave them in a bowl.

Protein Multigrain  Sandwich Recipe

Stage 3 Prepare the sandwich

Presently, take a multi-grain bread cut and apply a light stroke of mustard glue pleasantly.

Then, at that point, put ice shelf lettuce on the bread and apply the coleslaw blend liberally over the bread.

Sprinkle the finely slashed coriander leaves over the blend and cover it with the other bread cut.

Cut the sandwich into two and serve cold.

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