Kalakand.kalakand is a tasty, melt-in-the-mouth dessert whipped up in Indian houses for fairs and celebrations. A wet and flavorful milk cake, Kalakand has a nutty floral aroma and sensitive grainy texture. Laced with cardamom and saffron, and dressed up in bright green pistachios, this uncommon mithai constantly stands out amongst the greatest of Indian dessert spreads.

Growing up, my father could usually purchase clean Kalakand from the nearby Halwai (candy keep) for festivals. My sisters and I could sit up for the ones times, as this candy turned into a circle of relatives favourite. Ever on the grounds that I moved to the USA, I even have neglected having sparkling kalakand. I actually have continually desired to locate an appropriate recipe to make this mildly sweet and moist barfi at home.

Kalakand cubes in a silver platter and paper cupcake liners

Historically belonging to Uttar Pradesh in North India, this flexible milk-based mithai has won normal reputation across India. Traditionally, Kalakand is crafted from coagulated complete-fat milk and sugar. The milk is curdled to get Indian cottage cheese (paneer) and blended with sugar. This mixture is then cooked on medium warmness till all the moisture evaporates and it attains a moist and grainy-crumbly consistency. However, the traditional recipe takes hours to make, concerning complex steps and more than one pots and pans.



So right here is MOC’s smooth and modern take on this Indian dessert with the identical genuine flavors! With this quick and easy three aspect recipe, you can make heavenly Kalakand with 20 minutes of arms-on cook time. I use full-fat ricotta cheese and sweetened condensed milk to make this handy yummy burfi. The home made Kalakand is delicious and similar to its conventional counterpart in taste, taste, and texture.

Kalakand portions in a gold container

Kalakand is a remarkable and festive dessert that makes for a super deal with in your vacation table. I like to reduce kalakand in smaller chunk-sized cubes, place them in mini cupcake liners and share with my circle of relatives and pals as part of the Diwali treats gift package deal!

This recipe uses handiest 3 main substances and a couple of optional flavoring and garnishing substances:

Full-Fat ricotta cheese – this mild and creamy cheese is a superb alternative for paneer, that is used in the conventional recipe

Condensed milk – makes for a really perfect sweetener on this recipe and the thickness facilitates accelerate the method

Ground cardamom – called Elaichi, cardamom seeds are ground and brought to Indian cakes for a candy heavenly aroma

Saffron (elective) – saffron provides an excessive aroma, a floral taste, and a terrifi golden coloration.
Pistachios (optional for nut-loose) – You can use any nuts in this recipe. I love green pistachios as they upload nice coloration comparison to this barfi.

The fine component is that you could absolutely bypass the nuts for a nut-loose option and it’s going to still flavor delish! If you aren’t partial to pistachios, sense unfastened to use every other nuts of your desire for the garnish.

Kalakand cubes in a silver platter and paper cupcake liners

Here are my easy steps to make this terrific Indian dessert:

Step 1: Line a small baking dish or tray with 7″ x 7″ parchment paper. Set aside. Add the condensed milk and ricotta cheese to a non-stick pan. Using a silicone spatula, blend properly and wreck any lumps. Cook on medium heat stirring frequently. Keep scraping the perimeters and mixing in each short while. In the first five mins, the combination might be very liquidy, however it’ll preserve to thicken up. After about 20 minutes the combination will begin to break away the perimeters and could come collectively as a thick batter. Add cardamom powder and mix nicely.

Step 3: Pour the batter at the parchment paper-coated dish. Using a silicone spatula, press down evenly creating a 6″ X 6″ rectangular night out the pinnacle and aspects. Garnish with chopped nuts, urgent down lightly. Allow to settle down completely, about an hour.

Step three: After approximately an hour, cut the Kalakand barfi into small 1 inch cubes (around 36 rectangular portions) with a silicone spatula. Traditionally the Kalakand pieces are a lot larger in length, but I want to cut them into small chew-sized portions as they’re less difficult to eat. If you prefer the traditional size, reduce it into nine square pieces. Garnish with dried rose petals if desired and serve.

Although it is high-quality simple to make Instant Kalakand at domestic, here are the suggestions which have helped me make best Kalakand for years:

Use complete-fat ricotta for the first-class and creamiest Kalakand (also referred to as milk cake via some)
Always use exact exceptional condensed milk manufacturers like Eagle or Magnolia. The consistency of some of the shop brands is greater watery, and which can affect the feel of the final dish
Use a non-stick pan to make this recipe for clean cleanup and ideal texture
If you prepare dinner for a longer time, the kalakand may additionally get a extra chewy, fudgy, Peda-like texture. For first-rate effects, cook dinner just until the combination starts offevolved to return together and experience at room temperature
kalakand in paper cupcake liners

While this Indian mithai tastes great whilst loved sparkling, it may stay exact within the fridge for as much as five days. Be positive to carry it to room temperature before serving. Kalakand freezes well, but again make sure to thaw it in a single day inside the fridge, and serve at room temperature.

Instant 3-ingredient North Indian Mithai additionally called milk cake
Prep Time
zero mins
Cook Time
22 minutes
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 22 mins
Course: DessertCuisine: Indian Servings:
Calories: 222kcal Author: Archana Mundhe
Silicone knife


▢15 ouncesricotta cheese complete fats advocated, I like Sorrento or Calabro brands
▢14 ozcondensed milk full fats and brands like eagle, carnation or magnolia
▢1 teaspoon ground cardamom
▢pinch of saffron non-compulsory
▢3 tablespoons pistachios thinly sliced (optional for nut unfastened, or use nuts of your choice)


In a huge non stick pan (10 to eleven inches extensive) add ricotta cheese and condensed milk. Cook over medium warmness stirring frequently for 20 to 25 minutes. Keep scraping the perimeters frequently. In the primary 5 minutes the aggregate could be very liquidy and it’s going to hold to thicken up. After about 20 mins the combination will start to seperate from the sides and will start to come together as a thickish batter. Add cardamom powder and mix properly.
For me the batter comes togther in 22 mins, however relying on the thickness of your pan and warmth stage, it could take some minutes greater or much less. Please see notes under.

Pour the combination in at the parchment paper coated dish and the use of a silicone spatula, press down frivolously creating a 6″ X 6″ square night out the top and facets. Allow to calm down absolutely, approximately an hour. You can cut the Kalakand into small 1 inch cubes (round 36 rectangular portions) or reduce into bigger 2″ x 2″ squares ( nine pieces) for you to appearance extra just like the conventional version. I like to cut them into small chew sized portions that are less difficult to devour.

Kalakand will live correct at room temperature for a day. It also tastes first-class at room tempterature. You can refrigerate for up to 5 days. Be positive to deliver it to a room temperature earlier than serving. Kalakand freezes properly, but once more make sure to thaw it overnight inside the fridge, and serve at room temperature.

Always use accurate first-rate condensed milk manufacturers like Eagle, Carnation or Magnolia. The consistency of some of the store brands is extra watery, and which can have an effect on the feel of the final dish
Use a non-stick pan to make this recipe for easy cleanup and best texture
If you cook for a longer time, the kalakand can also get a extra chewy, fudgy, Peda-like texture. For first-rate outcomes, cook dinner simply till the combination starts to return together and experience Saturated Fat: 5g

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