Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry.Dum aloo is one of the first-class dishes that you may savour with simple paratha or naan. It is one of the famous and traditional dishes of Kashmiri Pandit delicacies and is made using baby potatoes. This potato recipe is honestly exquisite and is likewise made on unique events like parties and get-togethers. Here is a Lakhnowi version of Dum Aloo Curry and mind you,Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

it is a mouth-watering delicacy in order to make you drool over it. This potato recipe is virtually scrumptious and is pretty smooth-to-make that most effective calls for easy elements that you may locate inside the consolation of your private home. All you want to put together this Dum Aloo Curry recipe is paneer, potato, butter, sparkling cream, tomato puree together with a melange of fragrant spices like kasoori methi.Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

Potato is a versatile element with which you could make any kind of dish. And how approximately a delicacy that has a spicy taste and awesome flavours? Well, it’s no wonder potato is an factor that constantly finds many takers and can’t be disregarded.

This Nawabi potato recipe has a rich texture with a curry that is loaded with flavours. The thick curry of this principal dish recipe is made using tomatoes and onions, which might be sauteed in butter along with a melange of spices. If you have got a party in your property and are unable to determine on the menu, then you definitely should include this potato recipe. It will be loved by people of all age companies.

Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry
Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

Easy Ways to Prepare Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

Total Time45m
Prep Time15 m

Ingredients of Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry

5 Servings
one hundred gm paneer
1 tablespoon fresh cream
4 tablespoon ghee
salt as required
1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder
1 1/2 teaspoon kasoori methi leaves
500 gm potato
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon purple chilli powder
250 gm onion
250 ml tomato puree

How to make Lucknowi Dum Aloo Curry
Step 1 Deep fry potato shells and mash boiled potatoes
To put together this recipe, center the potatoes and deep fry the shells. Let them cool. Take 2 potatoes and boil them. After they’re boiled, peel and mash the potatoes.

Step 2 Stuff potato shells with mashed potato and paneer combination
Next, make a mixture of mashed potatoes and panner, and stuff the combination into the fried potato shells.

Step 3 Cook tomato puree for the gravy
Take a separate pan, heat ghee on medium flame. Add tomato puree and cook dinner, add salt as required and preserve it apart.

Step 4 Mix all components and prepare dinner nicely
Take every other pan and add ghee. Saute chopped onions and garam masala until the onions are fried however no longer crisp. Add tomato gravy to it. Cook until all components are combined properly and oil separates from it.

Step five Add all elements to the gravy aggregate
Add garam masala, Kasuri methi, chili powder, and cook nicely. Then, add butter, cream and prepare dinner nicely.

Step 6 Add crammed potatoes to the gravy and cook
Next, add the crammed potatoes, and prepare dinner on a simmered flame for four mins. Serve with butter roti, naan or steamed rice.


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