Sweet sugarcane pongal recipe

Sweet sugarcane pongal recipe

Sugarcane Pongal Recipe
Sweet sugarcane pongal recipe. Sugarcane Pongal is a South Indian formula undeniably filled in as breakfast. This solid formula is made on celebrations like Pongal.

Sweet sugarcane pongal

2 cup basmati rice
1/2 cup cleaved dark dates
1/2 teaspoon powdered green cardamom
4 cup Sugarcane juice
1 cup moong dal
4 tablespoon cleaved cashews
1/2 cup ghee.

Sweet sugarcane pongal recipe

Stage 1
Dry meal the moong dal briefly. Join this with the rice and wash well.

Stage 2
Move to a strain cooker. Pour the sugarcane squeeze and equivalent amount of water.

Stage 3
Pressure cook over medium fire until 3 whistles and eliminate.

Stage 4
Heat ghee in a container over medium fire. Pan sear the dates, cashewnuts and cardamom powder briefly.

Stage 5
Add this to the cooked rice and dal combination. Mix well and serve without a moment’s delay.

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