Emerald Methi Palak Dhokla Recipe

Emerald Methi Palak Dhokla Recipe

Emerald Methi Palak Dhokla Recipe. Methi Palak Dhoklas are wealthy in supplements like iron and folic corrosive and is an extraordinary breakfast choice for anticipating moms.

Palak Dhokla

Emerald Methi Palak Dhokla Recipe

This dhokla formula is very sound and scrumptious and you can treat your visitors with this fascinating variety with regards to social gatherings and kitty parties.

How to make Methi Palak Dhokla

Stage 1

Wash and drench the dark looked at beans (chawli) for somewhere around six hours.

Channel them when drenched.

Stage 2

Add water to the absorbed beans and mix a blender to make a smooth player.

Stage 3

In the bean player, add hacked spinach, fenugreek leaves, oil, green stew and ginger glue, asafoetida alongside salt and blend well.

Stage 4

Emerald Methi Palak Dhokla Recipe

Put the liner on the gas and when the water in the liner begins to bubble, add baking pop (you can likewise utilize organic product salt or eno) into the hitter and blend well.

Stage 5

Oil 3 thalis with oil and pour this player in them.

Put these thalis in the liner and steam for around 8 to 10 minutes.

Stage 6

Following 10 minutes, put the thalis off the liner and cut dhokla pieces as wanted.

Serve hot with green chutney.

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