Rice and dhal Idli Recipe

Rice and dhal Idli Recipe

Rice and dhall Idli Recipe. Kodo Millet Idlis is ideal formula for every one of the individuals who are attempting to shed off a few additional pounds from the scale.

Ready with four principle fixings: kodo millet, squeezed rice(poha), urad dal and fenugreek seeds, this simple to-make idli formula can be pulled off by any individual who is new to cooking.

Rice and dhal

Rice and dhal Idli Recipe

Match it with hot sambar and coconut chutney for a total generous lunch or breakfast.

In the event that you are attempting South Indian cooking interestingly, we propose you to attempt this scrumptious idli formula which will make you become hopelessly enamored with South Indian food.

Your children couldn’t imagine anything better than to have these idlis in their lunch boxes.

Attempt this tempting formula and appreciate with your friends and family!

How to make Kodo Millet Idli

Stage 1

In a bowl, add urad dal, fenugreek seeds, squeezed rice, kodo millet and wash them. Absorb them new water for 4 hours.

Stage 2

Move fixings to the processor. Pour a little measure of water and add salt.

Drudgery to a fine thick player. Move the hitter into an enormous vessel and save to the side for the time being.

Stage 3

Pour ladlefull hitter in idli forms and steam for 10 minutes. Prick a fork to check if the idli is ready.

Rice and dhal Idli Recipe

Stage 4

Adjust idlis on serving plates and present with sambar and coconut chutney.

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