Butter Milk Oatmeal Recipe

Butter Milk Oatmeal Recipe

Butter Milk Oatmeal Recipe. Would you like to evaluate a new and flavorful breakfast formula this end of the week?

Then, at that point, here comes a dish that you probably won’t have known about ever!

Butter Milk Oatmeal

Butter Milk Oatmeal Recipe

Curd Oatmeal formula is cooked utilizing oats, yogurt, ginger, onion and a melange of entire and ground flavors. You can partake in this oats formula in breakfast alongside a multi-grain bread.

This vegan formula is low in fat and can be attempted by the people who are continually stressed over their wellbeing.

Oats and curd, both the fixings are stacked with sustenance and are considered super food sources.

In the event that you are exhausted with the morning meal choices, you should attempt this simple formula at home!

This Fusion formula will be prepared in less than 20-minutes and can be partaken in any time.

How to make Curd Oatmeal

Stage 1

To set up this simple formula, put a profound lined container on medium fire and cook oats with heaps of water.

Once cooked, move in a bowl and keep to the side to cool.

Stage 2

Then, add the beaten curd in an enormous bowl alongside the cleaved vegetables (onion, carrot and cucumber) and salt. Blend well and add it to the oats combination.

Stage 3

Presently, heat a skillet with oil in it and add the mustard and cumin seeds alongside asafoetida to it.

Allow them to pop for a couple of moments and afterward add the curry leaves alongside the cut chillies and saute for about a moment.

Add this treating into the oats combination and mix well.

Butter Milk Oatmeal Recipe

Stage 4

Decorate with cleaved coriander leaves and serve hot.

(Discretionary: You could in fact add products of your decision to this dish and appreciate.)

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