Chill Parfait Recipe

Chill Parfait Recipe

Chill Parfait Recipe. Blueberry Parfait is a no-heat and no-cook dessert formula, which you can plan for your friends and family on exceptional events like night out on the town, kitty party, game evening and pot karma.

This parfait formula is ready with yogurt, blueberries, muesli, blueberry jam and water, and can be delighted in breakfast also.

Chill Parfait Recipe

Chill Parfait

Children will uniquely cherish this simple dish and will complete it even before you ask them.

This Continental formula can be ready in only 10 minutes, attempt it and appreciate with your friends and family!

How to make Blueberry Parfait

Stage 1 Wash new blueberries

Regardless wash new blueberries and keep to the side.

Then, take the chilled blueberry jam and whisk it pleasantly to make a smooth consistency.

Stage 2 Mix the yogurt and honey

Take another blending bowl and add honey and yogurt (curd) in it, whisk the curd until it is delicate and plain.

Chill Parfait Recipe

Stage 3 Refrigerate and serve chilled!

Presently, take a parfait glass and add a layer of muesli.

Then, add a layer of blueberry jam combination followed by adding blueberry, whisked yogurt and muesli.

Rehash the cycle, to add more layers to your parfait. Embellish with mint leaves and serve chilled!

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