Rava Somas Recipe

Rava Somas Recipe

Rava Somas Recipe. Gujiyas are a basic piece of celebrations like Holi and Diwali.

Attempt this Khas Gujiya made with poppy seeds glue, khoya and universally handy flour to make your celebration considerably more wonderful.

Rava Somas Recipe

This dessert formula is an unquestionable requirement attempt and would be adored by individuals of all age gatherings.

How to make Khas Gujiya

Stage 1

Take universally handy flour in a bowl and manipulate the flour with the hot oil.

Stage 2

Presently make a hard mixture utilizing next to no water. Cover it with a moist fabric and save it to the side for some time.

Stage 3

Heat desi ghee in a thick base container, add khas-khas glue to it and cook till it becomes pinkish.

Stage 4

Add mawa and cook till the combination leaves ghee. Add almonds, chironji, raisins and cardamom powder. Eliminate from fire and add ground sugar. Allow it to cool.

Stage 5

Presently take little wads of mixture and put mawa-khas filling in the middle and overlay the corners deftly. You can likewise utilize a form to fill the gujiyas.

Rava Somas

Rava Somas Recipe

Stage 6

Fry on a low fire and partake in these luscious joys however much you might want.

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