Garlic Sesame Pita Chips Recipe

Garlic Sesame Pita Chips Recipe

Garlic Sesame Pita Chips Recipe. Garlic Pita Chips make for an astounding nibble to be had with tea or espresso.

They are crunchy and delicious to chomp on at whatever point you feel like.

Garlic Sesame Pita Chips Recipe

You can serve them with hummus or some other plunge of your decision. Another awesome choice is to serve them with some new plate of mixed greens.

They are heated which makes them a superior substitute to seared chips.

You can serve them for a tomfoolery evening at home with companions or a kitty party.

Pita Chips heated at home have a much better surface than those accessible on the lookout.

They are low in fat and carbs. Indeed, even children appreciate eating this fresh enjoyment.

They are habit-forming to such an extent that once you begin crunching you can not stop.

Give your loved ones a sample of every one of those astounding Mediterranean flavor.

Simply follow these means and you will have your chips prepared instantly.

How to make Garlic Pita Chips

Stage 1

Take a bowl and blend ground Parmesan cheddar, minced garlic, olive oil, blended spices, salt and pepper in it.

Stage 2

Brush this blend on the pita bread on the two sides and heat them for around 6 mins at 175 degree celsius.

Stage 3

Take out the bread and spread the blend again on both the sides of the bread. Heat by and by for around 5 mins.

Garlic Sesame Pita Chips Recipe

Stage 4

Once done, take the pita bread out and cut them into little pieces. Your Garlic Pita Chips are fit to be served.

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