Mongo Pachchadi Recipe

Mongo Pachchadi Recipe
Mongo Pachchadi Recipe

Mongo Pachchadi

Mongo Pachchadi Recipe. A simple to-make recipe, Perugu Pachchadi is an astounding side dish that you can appreciate close by rice and rasam.

This South Indian recipe tastes heavenly and can be made in no time flat.

How to make Perugu Pachchadi

Stage 1

Make this simple recipe by beating the curd like you beat an egg in an enormous bowl.

Add a little water and salt, combine them as one and make a fine hitter.

Stage 2

Take bubbled and cleaved potatoes and add it to the curd blend. Throw them well.

Stage 3

Heat oil in a container over low-medium fire and add mustard seeds, asafoetida, cumin seeds, urad dal and divided red chillies in the oil.

Stage 4

When the mustard seeds begin to snap, add curry leaves and eliminate the tadka from the fire.

Stage 5

Move the tadka to the curd-vegetable bowl and blend it well.

Stage 6

Sprinkle a spot of salt according to taste and act as a side dish with rice and rasam.

Mongo Pachchadi Recipe

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