Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wraps Recipe

Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wraps Recipe

Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wraps Recipe. Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wrap is a South Indian formula. Sweet Jackfruit Wrap Kerala formula is made utilizing sound leaves and rice flour. Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wraps is a sweet culinary joy and is great for breakfast. Kumble is a sort of appam which has an interesting fragrance because of its being steamed in sound leaves and has a delicate, disintegrating surface.

Kumble – Sweet Jackfruit Wraps

20 sound leaf
2 cup powdered jaggery
3 squashed green cardamom
1 cup jackfruit mash
1 cup rice flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 tablespoon cumin powder.

Kumble - Sweet Jackfruit Wraps Recipe

Stage 1
Wash the leaves and wipe them off. You should pick bigger leaves so it is not difficult to fold them over the stuffing.

Stage 2
Blend the wide range of various fixings well and save it to the side for at minimum 60 minutes. This delivers the fragrance of flavors in the flour and mash.

Stage 3
Take the leaves and shape them like cones.

Stage 4
Fill these cones with the blend and seal them looking like a smoothed samosa.

Stage 5
Steam the cones for 20 to 25 minutes.

Stage 6
They are fit to be served hot. Can be consumed even at the room temperature or cold also.

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