How To Make Sama Rice Pulao

How To Make Sama Rice Pulao

How To Make Sama Rice Pulao

Sama Rice Pulao or as you might call it Vrat ke Pulao is ready from Samak Chawal. This pulao is eaten for the most part during the hour of celebrations when individuals quick during the daytime and are permitted distinctly to eat one feast in a day.

Sama Rice Pulao has insignificant flavors and heaps of veggies particularly carrots, peas, and potatoes. You can likewise add beans and different veggies to make the pulao more tasty. This Pulao likewise has cooked dry coconut and cashews.

Sama Rice Pulao

How To Make Sama Rice Pulao

One can go on and furthermore add peanuts, fox nuts, and so forth. Sama Rice Pulao makes an incredible healthy feast close by curd or pickle. You needn’t bother with an additional a vegetable to have this pulao. It’s really delectable and keeps you full for a more extended timeframe.

Elements of Sama Rice Pulao

1 cup soaked,drained samak chawal
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon dark pepper

2 cut and cut green bean stew
1/2 medium slashed into blocks carrot
10 divided cashews

2 tablespoon parched coconut
2 tablespoon slashed coriander leaves
1 1/2 tablespoon ghee

3 green cardamom
1 inch slashed ginger
1/2 little slashed into blocks potato

1/2 teaspoon sendha namak
3 tablespoon bubbled peas
1 tablespoon lemon juice

The most effective method to make Sama Rice Pulao

Stage 1 Prepare the masala

Wash and drench the rice 2-3 hours prior to cooking to get a decent surface. Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a kadhai and add cumin seeds and green cardamom. Sauté briefly and afterward add green stew followed by ginger. Sauté once more.

Stage 2 Add veggies and rice to the combination

Presently, add carrots, peas, and potatoes. Saute them for around 2-3 mins and afterward add sama rice. Ensure the rice has been washed and depleted off totally. Add pepper, rock salt, and 2 cups of water. Blend everything well and cover the kadhai. Allow it to stew for around 12-15 mins.

Stage 3 Roast cashews

In another skillet, heat 1/2 tbsp ghee. Then, add parched coconut and cashews. Cook them well until they get crunchy. Once done, add these nuts to the equivalent pulao. Pour lemon juice on the sama pulao and afterward blend everything well.

Stage 4 Your Sama rice pulao is prepared to serve

Decorate the pulao with coriander leaves. Your Sama rice pulao is prepared. Serve it with curd or pickle.


You can likewise cook peanuts, almonds and fox nuts alongside cashews to include more flavor.
Sama rice pulao typically has less flavors. You can make pulao more intriguing by including more veggies.

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