How To Make Pukhlein

How To Make Pukhlein

How To Make Pukhlein

Pukhlein is a customary rice flour bread recipe that owes it’s starting point to Meghalaya and is known for its satisfactory flavors all over the country. Making this sweet recipe is very simple and this dish will doubtlessly be a hit in your family.


How To Make Pukhlein

Breads are known for their soft surface and daintiness that can be matched with practically any dish and to that end they are liked by all.

This provincial recipe is made with the decency of basic fixings which are rice flour, pure sweetener and refined oil and tastes totally heavenly.

How To Make Pukhlein

Match this flavorful recipe with a hot pipping cup of tea and vast discussions with your friends and family.

Elements of Pukhlein

1 cup raw sweetener
2 cup refined oil

2 cup rice flour
water as required

Step by step instructions to make Pukhlein

Stage 1

Take a bowl and add raw sweetener (jaggery) alongside some water in it. Combine both the fixings as one until you get a thick consistency. Sifter this combination to dispose of the undesirable part.

Stage 2

On medium fire gradually cook this combination in a container and cautiously mix in the rice flour. Blend well until you get a hitter like consistency.

Stage 3

In a profound lined skillet , heat refined oil on medium fire and delicately add spoonful of the player in the oil.

Broil the bread until you get a decent brilliant earthy colored tone. Straightforwardly move the seared balls in an engrossing paper. Serve.

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