Shrimp and Egg Curry Recipe

Shrimp and Egg Curry Recipe

Shrimp and Egg Curry Recipe. Egg Curry is one dish that you can get ready for your loved ones whenever and in any season, as it doesn’t need a lot of fixings to cook. Here is a non-vegan adaptation of egg curry that has shrimps in it and it is a mouth-watering dish that you can appreciate with a straightforward chapati or even steamed rice! Shrimp and Egg Curry is a simple to-make primary dish recipe cooked utilizing shrimps, coconut milk, onion, tomato, tamarind glue, bubbled eggs, and a melange of flavors.

Shrimp and Egg Curry Recipe

This curry recipe is the most ideal for events like kitty party, pot karma and, surprisingly, game evening; and we are certain your visitors will cherish it and will request more from it! Attempt this simple recipe and appreciate with your friends and family!

Elements of Shrimp and Egg Curry

4 Servings
600 gm shrimps
75 ml refined oil
24 c\
15 gm ginger glue
6 gm red stew powder
250 ml coconut milk
squeezes salt
4 egg
200 gm slashed onion
20 gm garlic glue
8 green chillies
2 tomato
2 tablespoon tamarind glue

Shrimp and Egg Curry Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Shrimp and Egg Curry
Stage 1
To set up this mouth-watering egg curry recipe, put a sauce dish on medium fire and add water in it alongside tamarind glue, heat it to the point of boiling. Bring down the fire and let it stew until decreased to a quarter.

Stage 2
Then, heat oil in a profound lined non-stick skillet on medium fire and add slashed onions in it alongside curry leaves. Saute until light brilliant and afterward add garlic-ginger glue, green chillies, and red bean stew powder in the dish, saute until the dampness is vanished.

Stage 3
Then, at that point, add tomatoes (guarantee it is cut and the mash is eliminated) and pan sear until oil leaves the sides. A short time later, add shrimps in the dish and mix briefly. Eliminate the skillet from intensity and mix in the coconut milk, return the dish to warm and heat it to the point of boiling. (Note: Make sure that it doesn’t come to an air pocket or the coconut milk will turn sour).

Stage 4
Cook the shrimps in coconut milk until the sauce is of thick consistency. Presently, add tamarind glue (really like to utilize tamarind mash) and salt in the pre-arranged curry, and heat it to the point of boiling. Move the shrimp curry to a serving bowl, and embellishment with bubbled eggs, cut into half and present with steamed rice.

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