How To Make Gur Paratha

How To Make Gur Paratha

How To Make Gur Paratha

Gur Paratha is an interesting North Indian Punjabi recipe. This principal dish can be liked on a few events. The fundamental fixings in this dish is jaggery (otherwise called gur) and wheat flour. Jaggery is wealthy in sucrose which helps in giving energy to the body.

To make it unique, green cardamon and squashed almonds can be added. Exhausted of normal aloo and gobhi parathas and on the off chance that you are desiring to take care of your sweet tooth, this Gur Paratha is an ideal attempt.

Gur Paratha

How To Make Gur Paratha

In this way, feel free to evaluate something new today and relish your experience of your culinary abilities with your loved ones.

Elements of Gur Paratha

2 cup wheat flour
25 almonds
4 green cardamom
3 tablespoon powdered jaggery
3 tablespoon ghee
1/2 teaspoon salt

Instructions to make Gur Paratha

How To Make Gur Paratha

Stage 1

Take out flour in a major utensil. Add salt and 1 tsp ghee in flour. With assistance of tepid water manipulate a delicate batter. Save to the side the mixture for 20 minutes so it gets aged.

Stage 2

Add almond powder and cardamom powder in jaggery and blend pleasantly. Preheat tawa. Take little measure of batter (equivalent to the size of little guava) and roll it.

How To Make Gur Paratha

Stage 3

Dust with dry flour and roll into 3-4 inch breadth parantha. Spread some ghee on top of the rolled parantha.

Presently put 1-2 tsp stuffing on the parantha and roll it back into a ball. Close the stuffing appropriately.

Stage 4

Level the ball so that stuffing settles the score. Dust it again with dry flour and roll delicately into 5-6 inch distance across thick parantha. When the tawa is hot, put the parantha on tawa.

Stage 5

At the point when it diverts somewhat brown from underneath, flip the side.

At the point when the subsequent side gets earthy colored spots also, spread some ghee on the upper side.

Spread the ghee all around, flip the side and spread some ghee on the other aside also.

Stage 6

Cook parantha until it gets earthy colored spots on both the sides. Like wise set up all paranthas.

Presently, put the arranged parantha on a plate or on the foil on the off chance that you are pressing it for somebody.

Stage 7

Tempting and mouth slobbering gur parantha is prepared. Serve hot.

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