Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes Recipe

Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes Recipe

Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes Recipe

What about giving your adoration for potatoes a scrumptious touch of flavors with parsley! Pan-seared Parsley Potatoes is a simple to-make dish and is ready with fixings, which are effectively accessible in your home.

Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes

Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes Recipe

You can cook this flavorful hors d’oeuvre recipe for breakfast, exceptional early lunch and for night snacks too. With an astounding taste of parsley and spread, child potatoes look considerably more breathtaking and flavorful. Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes

This Continental recipe can be made for events like kitty parties, game evenings, and pot fates. The child potatoes are sautéed with garlic and parsley which makes them much more mouth-watering. One can’t avoid from smell of this starter recipe. Have a go at serving this simple recipe as a night nibble!

Elements of Stir-seared Parsley Potatoes

250 gm bubbled little potatoes with skins
2 tablespoon finely cleaved garlic
1 small bunch finely hacked parsley
salt as required
For Garnishing
1 small bunch hacked coriander leaves
dark pepper as required

Step by step instructions to make Stir-broiled Parsley Potatoes

Stage 1 Wash the child potatoes

To begin with this dish, wash child potatoes in running water and ensure no additional particles are there on its skin. Then, at that point, put a strain cooker on high fire and add these child potatoes in the cooker alongside important water in it. Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes

Close the cover and let the potatoes bubble for around 2-3 whistles. Switch off the burner when done, and let the steam discharge all alone. Then, channel the additional water and take out the child potatoes in a plate or a huge bowl. Allow them to cool and afterward cut every potato into equal parts. Try not to strip the skin.Stir-fried Parsley Potatoes

Stage 2 Toss the potatoes

Then, take a non-stick container and put in on medium fire. Add spread in the container and let it soften. Once liquefied, add the finely hacked garlic and saute until the crude smell goes and they are brown in variety. Then, add the divided potatoes in the dish alongside salt, and blend them well. Pan sear these potatoes for around 5 minutes in the skillet and mix constantly, to try not to adhere to the base.

Stage 3 Season the potatoes and serve hot!

At last, add the hacked parsley over the sautéed potatoes and throw well. Cook for about a moment of two and mood killer the fire. Season with dark pepper powder and embellishment with dish with hacked coriander leaves and serve right away.

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