How To Make Dabbroo Recipe

How To Make Dabbroo Recipe

How To Make Dabbroo Recipe

Himachal Pradesh its known for its excellence and furthermore for its assortment of sweet dishes. Dabbroo is one of the luscious treat assortments which is otherwise called Himachal Pradesh’s Sweet Wheat Pancake.

Dabbroo Recipe

How To Make Dabbroo Recipe

This simple to-create sweet can be made inside the space of minutes utilizing basic fixings which are effectively accessible in your kitchen, for example, wheat flour, milk, sugar and ghee. Match these flapjacks with a steaming hot cup of tea and vast gabs with your friends and family.

Serve this lip-smacking dish to your loved ones during game evenings, kitty gatherings and picnics and relish its enticing flavors with them.

You can likewise pack these flapjacks alongside you on travels to mitigate your odd cravings for food. You can likewise partake in this treat formula as a bite.

Elements of Dabbroo

2 cup wheat flour
1 cup sugar

5 teaspoon ghee
1 cup milk
1 cup water

Instructions to make Dabbroo

Stage 1

In a bowl, join together wheat flour and sugar and blend them well. Pour in milk, water in this combination and whisk it well to make a smooth player.

Stage 2

Take a tava, keep it on medium fire and intensity ghee in it. Spread the player in a round structure on the tawa.

Stage 3

Make it as meager as could really be expected. Shower a teaspoon of ghee generally around the edges and cook till that side becomes brilliant brown in variety.

Stage 4

Delicately flip over and cook the opposite side for about a moment. Eliminate from the tawa. Rehash with the leftover player to make more. Serve warm.

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