How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe

How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe

How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe

We are here to introduce the Mixed Tea Cup formula which is nothing similar to the next tea plans known up until this point. It tastes best when served chilled.

This formula, which has a place with the North Indian cooking, is made with new mint, orange mash and lemon remove which can be treasured by a lot of people. How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe.

Blended Tea Cup

How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe

It is an ideal tidbit during the rainstorm season and can be had alongside pakoras or some other seared nibble.

There are days when we as a whole need to break the dreariness and have a go at a genuinely new thing in the kitchen and the Mixed Tea Cup formula could be the perfect thing for you. How To Make Blended Tea Cup Recipe.

You can serve this to your precious ones on an event of your decision. In this way, investigate the simple to-follow steps referenced here and get everything rolling!

Elements of Mixed Tea Cup

1 1/2 tablespoon Tea leaves
1 lemon

sugar as required
5 cup water

1/2 orange
1 branch mint

Step by step instructions to make Mixed Tea Cup

Stage 1

In the first place, begin bubbling 3 cups of water and add tea passes on to it. Add half twig of mint to it and let the water keep on bubbling for quite a while.

Stage 2

Then again, take a glass container and blend sugar and the other portion of the mint branch into it.

Stage 3

Then, add crushed squeezed orange alongside lemon juice in the glass container and the leftover 2 cups of water in it.

Stage 4

Ultimately, pour the blend from the glass container to the bubbling water. Refrigerate it for some time and afterward serve chilled with ice shapes.

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