How To Make Cognac Cookies Recipe

How To Make Cognac Cookies Recipe

How To Make Cognac Cookies Recipe

Cognac is an assortment of liquor which owes it beginning to France. Cognac Cookies are one of the most well known French treats which will amuse your taste buds with their lip-smacking flavors.

Praise your steaming hot cup of tea or espresso with these scrumptious treats and vast prattles with your friends and family.

Cognac Cookies

How To Make Cognac Cookies Recipe

These simple to-make treats are made with cognac, corn syrup, vanilla concentrate, chocolate chips, walnut, wafer and granulated sugar.

You can pack these treats and take them alongside you on travels and picnics or you can likewise store them in hermetically sealed compartments.

Elements of Cognac Cookies

50 ml cognac
200 ml vanilla concentrate

50 gm sugar
200 gm wafer

30 ml corn syrup
80 gm chocolate chips

125 gm walnut
granulated sugar as required

Step by step instructions to make Cognac Cookies

Stage 1

Most importantly, dissolve chocolate chips by placing them on low fire in a skillet. Pound vanilla wafers and cleave walnuts finely.

Stage 2

Add wafers and walnuts in the liquefied chocolate chips alongside sugar, corn syrup and cognac.

Stage 3

Mix ceaselessly and make the blend as smooth as could really be expected.

Stage 4

Eliminate it from the fire. Presently, from the hot blend, make little balls and roll them into treats.

Stage 5

Roll balls in granulated sugar. Prepare the treats for 10 mins. Serve.

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