Ham and Cheese Eggs Recipe

Ham and Cheese Eggs Recipe

Ham and Cheese Eggs Recipe. Mid-night desires and got nothing to eat? Fret not, Ham and Cheese Egg recipe is here to safeguard you from those disturbing whale-like sounds in your stomach.

What is most astounding thing about this lip-smacking dish other than it’s taste is that this mainland dish can be ready in the microwave where you should simply look at the time, and your unsurpassed most loved omelet alongside ham pieces and bunches of cheddar is fit to be savored alongside a pipping hot mug of espresso. So go on, read the means given beneath and partake in the scrumptious kinds of the dish.

Ham and Cheese Eggs Recipe

Elements of Ham and Cheese Eggs

2 Servings
60 gm ham
3 tablespoon cheddar
2 beaten egg
2 cuts entire wheat bread

Ham and Cheese Eggs Recipe

Instructions to make Ham and Cheese Eggs

Stage 1
Take, first of all, ham and cut it further into little pieces and pieces. Then, at that point, take cheddar and mesh it with the assistance of a grater.

Stage 2
Then, take microwave safe holder and spot half of the ham bits at the base. Pour the beaten eggs over the ham pieces and microwave high for around 30 seconds. Once done, take out the combination, mix and put 2 1/2 tbsp of cheddar alongside the excess ham bits. Microwave again until the egg is all around cooked and the cheddar is appropriately liquefied.

Stage 3
Once done, take out and spread the leftover cheddar on top. Separating it in two equivalent bits, put the blend on entire wheat bread. Serve warm. Appreciate.

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