Ham and Cheese Crescent Recipe

Ham and Cheese Crescent Recipe

Ham and Cheese Crescent Recipe. This nibble recipe is for all the ham sweethearts out there. Ham and Cheese Crescent is a Continental recipe that is really enticing and would clearly be a family #1. It is very simple to get ready at home as it includes the utilization of all the quarrel free fixings in it’s making like dry yeast, sugar, margarine, eggs, regular baking flour, ham and honey. This non-vegan recipe will be an incredible expansion to the nibble menu for your next social affair party.

Ham and Cheese Crescent Recipe

You can likewise serve this lip-smacking nibble recipe on events like kitty parties, birthday celebrations, dates, game evenings and appreciate with your friends and family. These simple to-make bows are ready by stuffing Swiss cheddar and Ham cuts in delicate Crescent batter sheets. We enthusiastically prescribe you to attempt this luxurious recipe with a beverage of your decision to savor it more.

Elements of Ham and Cheese Crescent

5 Servings
1/2 cup spread
honey as required
50 gm ham
4 cuts Swiss cheddar
For Dough
5 gm dry yeast
1/2 cup sugar
2 cup regular flour
water as required
2 egg

Ham and Cheese Crescent Recipe

Instructions to make Ham and Cheese Crescent

Stage 1
Take a medium estimated bowl and add warm water in it. Break down yeast and afterward add sugar, salt, eggs and margarine to it. Blend every one of the fixings well. Presently add regular baking flour and massage the batter until delicate. Keep it to the side. In the mean time, pre-heat broiler to a temperature of 375 degree Fahrenheit. Put a material paper on a cooking container and oil it with a little spread. Presently partition the sickle batter into round formed mixture and cut them into a square shape. Add cheddar and ham cuts on top of them and roll them firmly.

Stage 2
Utilize a sharp blade to cut this rectangular batter into bow formed cuts. Cautiously, put these sickle cuts on top of the material paper and slide this plate into the pre-warmed stove. Heat for least 20 minutes or until cooked appropriately. Your ham and cheddar bow is presently prepared. Brush it’s top surface with somewhat honey and serve warm.

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