Turkey Mussalam Recipe

Turkey Mussalam Recipe

Turkey Mussalam Recipe. Chicken Mussalam is a usually pre-arranged principal course recipe which is profoundly worshipped in Northern pieces of India, primarily Uttar Pradesh. A fundamental piece of the renowned ‘Awadhi’ cooking, this Turkey Mussallam is an extraordinary wind to this deep rooted North-Indian recipe where the chicken is supplanted with turkey.

Turkey Mussalam Recipe

This extreme combination recipe is made with a flavorsome melange of flavors like cardamom and cinnamon and is embellished with rich dry foods grown from the ground. Serve this non-vegan delicacy at a supper or lunch party and win the hearts and praises of your visitors. Evaluate this fabulous dish at home and serve it with chapati and rice!

Elements of Turkey Mussalam

16 Servings
4 kilograms turkey meat
8 green cardamom
8 dark cardamom
3 sound leaf
40 gm spread
4 onion
5 cinnamon stick

8 clove
2 liter chicken stock
For Marination
250 gm yogurt (curd)
60 gm ginger glue
15 gm salt
60 gm garlic glue
15 gm red bean stew powder

For Filling
500 gm minced chicken
50 gm ghee
15 gm ginger
2 gm red bean stew
20 gm almonds
5 gm powdered dark pepper
5 gm mace powder

5 gm powdered dark cardamom
2 modest bunches garlic pieces
2 gm green bean stew
20 gm pistachios
10 gm dark cumin seeds
5 gm powdered green cardamom
10 gm salt

For Garnishing
3 bubbled egg
12 divided cashews
1/4 gm saffron
12 pistachios
16 almonds

For The Main Dish
75 gm ghee
20 gm ginger glue
6 gm coriander powder
3 gm powdered turmeric
60 gm squashed to glue almonds
60 gm squashed to glue onion
1 gm mace powder

10 ml rose water
30 gm garlic glue
250 gm yogurt (curd)
3 gm red bean stew powder
10 gm salt
30 gm squashed to glue melon seeds
1.5 gm powdered green cardamom
1 gm saffron

Turkey Mussalam Recipe

Instructions to make Turkey Mussalam
Stage 1 Prepare and marinate the turkey
Eliminate the neck and the skin of the turkey and make, first and foremost, little slices on the whole surface. Whisk yogurt in a bowl and afterward add garlic glue, ginger glue, red bean stew powder and salt and blend well. Rub the marinade equitably on the turkey and put away for an evening.

Stage 2 Make the filling and stuff it in the cavity
For setting up the filling, wash green and red chillies. De-seed, and cleave them. Add ghee in a kadhai, place it over medium fire and let it heat. Add the garlic and ginger glues, and pan fried food until the dampness dissipates. Add the minced chicken the kadhai and saute for 2-3 minutes. Stuff the stomach pit of the turkey with almonds, pistachios, minced chicken, mace powder, green cardamom, garlic drops and salt as per your taste.

Stuff the last part with bubbled eggs. Then, at that point, bend over the legs, guaranteeing that the drumsticks cover the opening through which the filling was full and tie solidly with a string. Delicately contort the winglet issues that remains to be worked out the bird more steady when put on its back. Add the leftover filling fixings.

Stage 3 Prepare the base for the sauce
For setting up the sauce, whisk yogurt in a bowl, add coriander, red chillies, turmeric, salt and blend appropriately. Save to the side for some time. Smash the saffron strings with a pestle or the rear of a spoon, absorb rosewater and whisk appropriately to make a glue.

Stage 4 Start cooking the turkey in a handi/pot
Spread the onion glue in a huge handi/pot. Sprinkle the cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves and straight leaves, organize the stuffed turkey on top. Pour the chicken stock over the turkey. Allow it to bubble over low fire. Cover and let it cook gradually for 50 minutes. Eliminate and organize the turkey on a lubed cooking plate and hold the juice for the sauce. Pre-heat the stove at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stage 5 Add arranged fixings to the sauce
Heat ghee independently in a handi/container, add the garlic and ginger glues and pan fried food until the dampness vanishes. Then, add the almond and melon seed glues and pan fried food. Add the broiled onion glue and sautéed food until the fat leaves the sides. Add the saved juice.

Allow it to bubble over low fire and continue to mix for 4-5 minutes. Eliminate and go the sauce through a fine-network soup sifter into a different handi/dish. Put thi handi on low fire and cook the sauce until it accomplishes sauce like consistency. Sprinkle the cardamom and mace powders, add the saffron and mix the sauce. Season it with salt as per your taste.

Stage 6 Cover the turkey with sauce and heat
Pour the sauce over the turkey organized in the simmering plate and prepare in the pre-warmed broiler at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, treating with margarine at normal spans for 20-25 minutes or until the turkey is completely cooked and the sauce becomes brown. Eliminate from the stove, loosen the turkey and save the sauce. Cut the turkey on a clean hacking board. Scoop a touch of the stuffing on a plate and organize 2-3 cuts of turkey on the stuffing. Pour some sauce on the top.

Stage 7 Garnish the turkey mussalam
For setting up the embellishing, disintegrate saffron chips in tepid water and when the water becomes saffron, put almond drops to empower them to gain a saffron tint. Decorate with egg cuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, toasted almonds and saffron strings and present with pulao rice or any bread of your decision.

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