Corn Upma Recipe

Corn Upma Recipe

Corn Upma Recipe. Makyacha Upma is a sound Maharashtrian claim to fame. Individuals typically have upma in breakfast as it is a satisfying and healthy dinner.

Typically, upma is made of onions and tomatoes, be that as it may, this upma is an extraordinary and exceptional delicacy of Maharashtra as it utilizes sweet corns in its planning.

Corn Upma

Corn Upma Recipe

This is a nutritious bite which nearly everybody likes to have.

Something beneficial about having upma is that, it is very satisfying bite which is not difficult to process.

The formula basically utilizes sweet corns in readiness of upma.

Sweet corns are brimming with nutrients which are exceptionally fundamental for a long and great life.

This is an extremely straightforward and unmistakable formula.

Along these lines, when you are in a state of mind to have something else separated from customary bites, then, at that point, this upma can be your inclination.

You could likewise have this upma with your evening tea. Upma is a low calorie and advantageous breakfast choice.

It is loaded with iron and has various medical advantages. Sweet corns add a kind of pleasantness in the pungent taste of upma.

It will barely require thirty minutes to set up this tidbit. The fixings utilized in readiness of this tidbit are effectively accessible.

Follow this straightforward formula and get the advantages of both corn and upma on the double.

Intrigue your family by making something entirely unexpected and tasty to have.

How to make Makyacha Upma

Stage 1

To set up this classy upma, take a medium estimated non-stick container and put it on medium fire.

Then, pour oil in it and let it heat.

Presently, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves in it and cook until the seeds pop.

Stage 2

Then, add finely hacked onion in the dish and saute over medium fire until straightforward.

Then, add tomatoes in it and cook until it is delicate.

Then, add turmeric powder in it and blend well.

Stage 3

Then, add ground corn in the dish and blend well.

Turn the fire low and add salt, onion glue, garlic glue in it. Blend well and cover the dish in with its top for next 10 minutes. Allow the combination to cook and mix at times.

Corn Upma Recipe

Stage 4

Finally, add lemon juice, sugar, ghee, coriander leaves and blend well.

Cook the blend for few moments. When finished with cooking, move it to a serving dish and serve hot. Improve with coriander leaves.

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