Soji Uttapam Recipe

Soji Uttapam Recipe

Soji Uttapam Recipe. Rava Uttapam is a delicious South Indian formula that can be eaten whenever, and is totally mouth-watering.

Here, we have made this uttapam formula by utilizing semolina rather than rice and urad dal.


Soji Uttapam Recipe

This astounding principle dish formula has a delightful taste of semolina with cut tomatoes, onions and green chillies and a melange of flavors.

Furthermore, how could we not notice a tart kind of lemon juice. It is an extravagant dish which one can have it for a morning meal as well as in lunch and supper.

It can likewise be served on events like kitty gatherings and game evenings.

The best thing about this vitally South Indian formula is that you won’t require additional endeavors to make it.

Thus, don’t pause and make it today with the assistance of the means given beneath.

How to make Rava Uttapam

Stage 1

In the first place, take a profound bowl and join the semolina and water.

Blend them into a smooth hitter and save it to the side for somewhere around 40 minutes.

Once done, mix and blend the hitter again and afterward add salt, baking pop and lemon juice.

Blend the player well and guarantee no irregularities are framed in the hitter.

Stage 2

Presently, heat oil in a non-stick skillet and pour a little piece of player on it.

Spread the part in a concentric circle and afterward add daintily cut onions, meagerly cut tomato and cut green chillies on the uttapam player (guarantee that onions, tomatoes and green chillies adhere to the hitter).

Rava Uttapam (Instant Sooji Uttapam) - Manjula's Kitchen - Indian  Vegetarian Recipes

Stage 3

Presently, sprinkle a few oil on the player and furthermore on the sides of the skillet.

Cook the uttapam till it is brown from the surface and afterward flip it to cook the opposite side also.

Cook it till the onions are brown and afterward move it to the plate.

Serve it warm with your number one chutney.

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