Fruit Cinnamon Toasts Recipe

Fruit Cinnamon Toasts Recipe

Fruit Cinnamon Toasts Recipe. These enticing Apple Cinnamon Toasts are simply too hard to even consider standing up to.

It nearly feels like you are assembling a piece of workmanship as you top those barbecued bread cuts with everything tasty and solid simultaneously.

Fruit Cinnamon Toasts Recipe

Fruit Cinnamon Toasts

The fixings utilized here are multi-grain bread, apple, peanut butter, peach nectar, cinnamon, pistachios, cashews and pecans.

So escape your bed and set up this delectable formula for a speedy breakfast that will give your day a cheerful launch.

Also, remember to impart this formula to all your office-going companions. Trust us, they would be appreciative!

How to make Apple Cinnamon Toasts

Stage 1

Take the multi-grain bread cuts and toast them.

While the bread is getting toasted, cleave the apple into slim cuts.

Fruit Cinnamon Toasts Recipe

Stage 2

Equally spread peanut butter, cinnamon, granola and peach nectar on each bread cut.

Top with cut apples, split pecans, cashews and squashed pistachios. Serve.

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