Club Sandwich Recipe

Club Sandwich Recipe

Club Sandwich Recipe. Sandwich Recipe, as the name recommends is stacked with veggies. Sandwich Recipe, From chime peppers to lettuce, it has generally your #1 vegetables stuffed inside toasted bread cuts. The filling incorporates mayo and fresh potato cuts. This feast is to the point of keeping you full for a more extended term and makes for an exemplary breakfast.

Club Sandwich Recipe

Sandwich Recipe

6 multi-grain bread
3 cloves slashed garlic
1/4 sliced,chopped red ringer pepper
1/4 chopped,sliced capsicum (green pepper)
1 medium destroyed carrot
salt as required
1 medium cut tomato
lettuce leaf as required
2 tablespoon veg mayonnaise
1 cup destroyed cabbage

Stage 1 Fry the potatoes
On a container, heat a few oil and afterward fry the potato cuts. Cook it from the two sides till it becomes marginally brown. Season it with some salt whenever required.

Stage 2 Saute the veggies
Move the potato cuts to a plate and afterward saute garlic followed by veggies (with the exception of tomatoes). Saute the veggies for around 2-3 minutes. Then, at that point, move them to a bowl. Add salt and pepper as required.

Stage 3 Toast the bread
Toast the bread cuts and afterward spread mayo on 3 cuts (for one club sandwich). Put lettuce on one cut of bread, then, at that point, add potato cuts followed by tomato cuts. Whenever required, season with some salt and pepper.

Stage 4 Prepare the second cut of the bread
Presently, add lettuce leaf to the second cut of the bread. Top it with every one of the veggies. At last cover the sandwich with the last mayo bread cut. Rehash a similar method for setting up another sandwich.

Stage 5 Your inviting Club Sandwich is prepared.
Presently, cut the sandwich into equal parts. Serve it with mayo or some other plunge. Partake in this exemplary Club Sandwich. Assuming you like it barbecued you can out it inside a griller and add that extraordinary wind to your customary club sandwich.

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