Grilled Veg Toast Recipe

Grilled Veg Toast Recipe

Grilled Veg Toast Recipe. We as a whole need to give a sound and an invigorating beginning to our day which is conceivable through a lip-smacking breakfast.

Barbecued Vegetable Toast is one such breakfast formula which is wonderful to begin your day with.

Grilled Veg Toast

Grilled Veg Toast Recipe

This simple to-make formula is simplified utilizing fixings, for example, bread cuts, green stew, corn, tomato, onion, milk, spread and low fat mozzarella cheddar.

This nibble formula is profoundly nutritious as it builds the sugar and fiber content in the body. Serve the toast with ketchup or plunges.

Along these lines, attempt this delightful toast and partake you would say with your loved ones. You can likewise pack this yummy toast in your child’s tiffin to treat their taste buds.

How to make Grilled Vegetable Toast

Stage 1

Add spread, milk and cheddar in a bowl and blend it well. Add slashed onions, hacked tomatoes, corn, mustard powder, cleaved green chilies and salt, blend into the bowl and save it to the side for some time.

Stage 2

Take a bread cut and spread the vegetable combination uniformly.

Cover it up with another bread cut. Like this you will have 5 toasts prepared.

Grilled Veg Toast Recipe

Stage 3

Place the toast cautiously in the griller for a couple of moments.

Stand by till the toast becomes brilliant brown in shading. Serve hot.

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