Chicken with Peas Recipe

Chicken with Peas Recipe

Chicken with Peas Recipe. Chicken Sausages with Peas is a captivating non-vegan formula that individuals love to gorge on.

Chicken with Peas

Chicken with Peas Recipe

It is one of the chicken plans that you can undoubtedly get ready at home and makes for an extraordinary hors d’oeuvre in social affair and kitty parties.

How to make Chicken Sausages with Peas

Stage 1

To make this delicious chicken formula, first eliminate the filling from the chicken frankfurters and dispose of the skin.

Stage 2

Presently in an enormous skillet and hotness oil in it over a low-medium fire.

Presently add the green peas and sautéed food for 2 minutes.

Put the fire low and add the wiener filling in the container and combine them as one well.

Stage 3

Subsequent to blending the frankfurters in with peas, presently add onions and the flavors in it, and blend them.

Cover the dish with a top and cook the chicken wieners on low fire while mixing occasionally.

Chicken with Peas Recipe

Stage 4

Then, at that point, add the lemon juice in the skillet and blend them well, and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

Serve it hot with toasted bread.

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