Cheese and Corn Cutlet Recipe

Cheese and Corn Cutlet Recipe

Cheese and Corn Cutlet Recipe. Corn and Cheese together is one of the most delicious mixes on the planet which gets our mouth-watered.

Here we present one more corn cheddar formula which would be cherished by individuals of any age and it is Cheese and Corn Arepa.


Cheese and Corn Cutlet Recipe

This enticing formula is extremely simple to-make and can be made inside the space of minutes utilizing effectively accessible fixings like spread, corn, yellow cornmeal, and cheddar.

Match these yummy arepas with a pipping cup of tea or espresso and indulge yourself as well as your friends and family with a dinner that they can savor ifetime.

How to make Cheese and Corn Arepa

Stage 1

In a bowl, combine as one salt and water.

Consolidate pre-cooked cornmeal in this arrangement until everything water is consumed. Mix in corn pieces and cheddar.

Stage 2

Make little balls out of the batter ready in the above advance.

Press them into somewhat thick plates with your hands to make corn patties.

Cheese and Corn Cutlet Recipe

Stage 3

On a skillet, liquefy margarine over medium fire.

Fry the patties on the two sides until brilliant brown.

Eliminate the patties and channel them on paper napkins. Serve hot in a dish.

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