Blueberry Toast Recipe

Blueberry Toast Recipe

Blueberry Toast Recipe. It’s french toast finished off with blueberry and maple sauce, folks!

Do we truly need to say much else in light of the fact that we can detect that we’ve proactively stood out enough to be noticed.

Blueberry Toast Recipe


Blueberry French Toast is offering you all the conceivable warmth and bliss and it could be reasonable to disregard it currently, could it be?

So without burning through any time, feel free to make this tasty mainland formula in only three straightforward advances and relish the scrumptious and satisfying flavors alongside your friends and family. Attempt it!

How to make Blueberry French Toast

Stage 1

Regardless, put a dish on medium-low fire, pour maple syrup alongside blueberries and mix until the juices gets blended appropriately.

Once done, switch off the fire.

Stage 2

Then, take a bowl, join flour alongside cinnamon, almond, milk and vanilla concentrate together.

Presently take griddle, plunge each cut in the combination, fry from the two sides until brilliant brown.

Blueberry Toast Recipe

Stage 3

When sufficiently fresh, move in a serving plate.

Pour the blueberry combination over, sprinkling icing sugar on top. Serve warm and appreciate.

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