Cheddar Egg Toast Recipe

Cheddar Egg Toast Recipe

Cheddar Egg Toast Recipe. A yummy breakfast recipe that has the integrity of eggs and cheddar, Cheese Egg Toast can be handily made at home. Children couldn’t imagine anything better than to have this flavorful toast recipe! Attempt this simple toast recipe at home!

Cheddar Egg Toast Recipe

Elements of Cheese Egg Toast

2 Servings
2 cuts divided bread-white
2 tablespoon margarine
1/3 teaspoon pizza preparing

2 squeezes salt
3 egg
1/3 teaspoon blended spices
1/4 teaspoon squashed dark pepper

For The Main Dish
50 gm ground cheddar blocks

Cheddar Egg Toast Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Cheese Egg Toast

Stage 1
In a huge bowl, grind the cheddar and break the eggs. Blend them a tad and add blended spices, pizza preparing, dark pepper and salt to taste. Whisk the eggs appropriately.

Stage 2
Add a little margarine on the skillet, plunge each bread cut in turn in the egg player and spot the egg covered bread in the dish.

Stage 3
Cook the bread cut briefly on low-medium fire then, at that point, flip it. Cook till it becomes light brown from the two sides, continue to flip.

Stage 4
Take it out on a kitchen towel to retain additional oil from it. Rehash the interaction to make remaining egg toast.

Stage 5
Decorate it with little cheddar and serve it with hot bean stew sauce.

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