Urad Dal Puri Recipe

Urad Dal Puri Recipe

Urad Dal Puri Recipe. Urad Dal Puri is a very simple to-make and delectable recipe best presented with hot potato curry. Otherwise called bedmi puri, this simple recipe can be filled in as breakfast or early lunch dish as well.

Urad Dal Puri Recipe

Elements of Urad Dal Puri

4 Servings
100 gm drenched for the time being urad dal
300 ml water
2 cup refined oil

For Dough
250 gm regular flour
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
1/3 teaspoon nigella seeds
1/2 teaspoon salt

Urad Dal Puri Recipe

Instructions to make Urad Dal Puri
Stage 1
To make this simple recipe, douse the urad dal for 8-10 hours or short-term in water.

Stage 2
At the point when the dal is splashed totally, mix the dal in a crushing container, add a little water and crush it into smooth glue.

Stage 3
Presently take an enormous bowl and add regular baking flour, salt alongside sugar and kalonji in it, blend every one of the fixings well. Add 3 tablespoon oil and blend it appropriately.

Stage 4
Then put the urad dal glue in the bowl and blend well in the flour combination. At last add the tepid water and massage the flour into smooth mixture.

Stage 5
When the batter is prepared, cover with a muslin material and leave it for 20 minutes.

Stage 6
Then make little and equivalent size of balls from the pre-arranged mixture.

Stage 7
Take one batter ball and tenderly press it, dust it with plain flour and roll it into poori. Rehash the interaction to roll pooris of outstanding mixture.

Stage 8
Presently heat oil in a profound lined skillet and put the poori in hot oil cautiously.

Stage 9
Delicately press the poori to help it puff and flip it to broil the opposite side. Take it out on kitchen towel to separate additional oil from it.

Stage 10
Rehash the cycle to sear the leftover pooris. Urad dal puri is prepared, serve hot with your #1 curry/subzi.

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