Chains Potato Pancake Recipe

Chains Potato Pancake Recipe

Chains Potato Pancake Recipe. Probably the most straightforward thing that you can get ready with potatoes is a hotcake.

Potato Pancake

Chains Potato Pancake Recipe

Kids love to glut on intriguing food and Potato Pancake is something they would certainly savor.

For the most part eaten in morning meals, you can likewise eat this dish as a tidbit.

How to make Potato Pancake

Stage 1

Grind the potato in a bowl, add water and leave it for 5 minutes.

Channel and crush the water from potato appropriately.

Stage 2

Break the eggs in a bowl, add green bean stew, red stew powder, blended spice and dark pepper.

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Stage 3

Add onions and ground potato in a similar bowl, whisk the combination appropriately.

Stage 4

Heat little oil in a griddle and let it heat appropriately.

Stage 5

Decrease the fire to low-medium. Put 1 tablespoon of blend in container, spread/smooth it equitably.

Stage 6

Cook it briefly on low-medium fire, flip it cautiously. Cook it for 3 minutes on low-medium fire.

Stage 7

Cook it from the two sides till it becomes brilliant brown. When it becomes brilliant brown from both the sides, take it out on a kitchen towel.

Chains Potato Pancake Recipe

Stage 8

Rehash the cycle to make potato hotcake from outstanding combination. Potato flapjack is prepared, serve it with schezwan chutney, ketchup or green chutney.

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