Kurkure Lollipops Recipe

Kurkure Lollipops Recipe

Kurkure Lollipops Recipe. Veg Kurkure Lollipops is a North Indian recipe made utilizing potato, dark beans, capsicum, carrot, onion, peas, cornflour, bread scraps, cornflakes and melange of flavors.

Kurkure Lollipops Recipe

Kurkure Lollipops

This simple nibble recipe can be presented with green chutney or ketchup. Attempt it

How to make Veg Kurkure Lollipops

Stage 1

Grind the bubbled potatoes in an enormous bowl and combine as one with all finely slashed veggies (French beans, capsicum, carrot, and onion).

Presently, add bubbled and squashed green peas and every one of the flavors (coriander powder, garam masala powder, mango powder, red bean stew powder, hacked ginger and cornflour).

Blend every one of the fixings until very much joined.

Stage 2

In conclusion, add salt to taste, bread scraps (discretionary), blend it well again until every one of the flavors get all around consolidated.

Assuming the combination is tacky, add more bread morsels likewise.

Take a liberal part of combination and make little balls out of it by moving between your hands.

Stage 3

Get ready rest of the balls similarly.

Oil your palms to abstain from staying.

Take cornflakes in a plate and marginally pound them with hands.

Stage 4

Take each ball individually and cover with squashed cornflakes totally.

Heat oil in a profound dish on high fire and when the oil becomes hot, drop Veg Kurkure Balls gradually into it, taking consideration not to pack them.

Sear the balls in bunches.

Stage 5

Broil the Veg Kurkure Balls until they are brilliant brown, turning sometimes. This would require around 4-5 minutes.

When Kurkure Balls are practically broiled, save the fire on high and sear them briefly.

Take them out on a paper towel or a spongy paper.

Kurkure Lollipops Recipe

Stage 6

Embed tooth pick or candy stick into each broiled ball to make Veg Kurkure Lollipops. Serve hot with green chutney or ketchup.

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