Camel Milk Kheer Recipe

Camel Milk Kheer Recipe

Camel Milk Kheer Recipe

Kheer is inseparable from Indian merriments and festivities. This Camel Milk Kheer is a special version of the generally normal treat. Camel milk is stacked with medical advantages and subsequently is a decent substitute for ordinary milk.

The planning of this dish is like the ordinary kheer arrangement wherein camel milk is overflowed with rice and added with sugar and dry organic products. This simple recipe is ready in under thirty minutes and will be adored by every one of the individuals from the family, be it children or grown-ups.

Save yourself a few boatloads of money from purchasing desserts from eateries and huge chains and set up this sweet enjoyment at home. Camel Milk Kheer will add five stars to your celebration festivities and make you a commended culinary expert according to friends and family.

Camel Milk Kheer

Camel Milk Kheer Recipe

Serve this dish toward the finish of your kitty party, potluck or smorgasbord and end your suppers in regal style with this treat.

It is said there could be no finer approach to making companions than by sharing desserts, and on the off chance that you serve this dish, individuals who come as visitors will take off from as companions from your home.

Thus, follow this bit by bit recipe to set up this heavenly pleasure and relish the sweet preferences with your friends and family. (Recipe: Anooj Wadhawan, Advisor Chef and Consultant to Aadvik Foods)

Elements of Camel Milk Kheer

1 liter camel milk

4 tablespoon sugar

raisins as required

almonds as required

1 tablespoon rice

5 strand saffron

pistachios as required

dark cardamom as required

The most effective method to make Camel Milk Kheer

Stage 1 Boil milk and rice

Add camel milk to a dish and carry it to bubble. When the milk is bubbled add the rice. Cook for around 15-20 minutes on low fire until you get a thick blend and the rice is cooked.

Stage 2 Add sugar and dry natural products

Once done, add the sugar, saffron strands and dry natural products. Mix for about a moment and mood killer the intensity.

Stage 3 Chill in the cooler and serve

Chill in the fridge for an hour and serve at room temperature.

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