Calcium Ragi Puttu Recipe

Calcium Ragi Puttu Recipe

Calcium Ragi Puttu Recipe. A fantastic wellspring of calcium, ragi or finger millet is super-wealthy in sustenance and can be utilized to cook sound plans!

Ragi Puttu or generally called rice cake is one such delightful South Indian formula that can be ready for your friends and family on any event.


Calcium Ragi Puttu Recipe

This nibble formula is cooked utilizing ragi flour, rice flour, ground coconut, salt and doesn’t need a lot of fixings.

Stacked with supplements, this is a stomach-filling dish that you can appreciate in the morning meal too.

You can partake in this puttu formula alongside some hot espresso or tea.

How to make Ragi Puttu

Stage 1

To set up this morning meal formula, combine as one rice flour, ragi flour, salt, and ground coconut in a batter manipulating plate.

Stage 2

Add a water to the batter manipulating plate and ply well to make a smooth mixture.

Keep the batter covered with a sodden material for around 15 minutes or thereabouts.

Stage 3

Then, take a puttu creator and begin bubbling water in it.

At the point when steam begins to emerge from it, take out enormous segments from the batter blend and spot it in the puttu producer. T

ry to not press the mixture an excessive amount to the surface to allow the steam to get away.

Calcium Ragi Puttu Recipe

Stage 4

Add ground coconut pieces on the highest point of the mixture segments put in the puttu creator for giving it a decent look.

Then, at that point, cover the top and permit the dish to steam for around 8-10 minutes. When the dish gives off an impression of being steam, switch off the fire.

Take out Ragi Puttu from the puttu creator and serve warm.

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