Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

 Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe.If you’re an NPR listener, you could have caught the Morning Edition piece this past Monday concerning cooking food in mugs. In the microwave. In minutes. As I drove to my early-morning elegance, I listened to Joe Yonan, the tour and meals editor for the Washington Post, describe the easy steps for making macaroni and cheese in a mug. Breakfast suddenly appeared a protracted way off.

Cooking for one may be tedious and uninspired with out some clean ideas at the equipped; first-rate-brief mug-meals and mug-treats treatment that. They additionally clear up the troubles of (a) element manage (I don’t care how lots will power you have got, an entire batch of tarts placing around the house is a main undertaking); (b) version (who wants to consume the same entree 4 times in a row?) and (c) making food in a flash. Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

I could add one greater trouble that can be resolved with a mug-in-mins option: making healthy alternatives in a rush. It’s a lot simpler to make a nutritious choice if it can be made and eaten in a rely of mins, with no superior making plans. Breakfast, lunch and snack-time, especially. I have seen some of indulgent cakes cooked in mugs, and that’s pleasant, however wonderful options that come up with electricity and power for the day are also feasible. I’m here to percentage the options!

 Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

You might also despise cottage cheese and assume “no manner!” But while you try this 2 minute dish, it will be “yes manner!” all of the manner.The cottage cheese maintains the eggs moist and fluffy–no durability in any respect–and lends a cheesiness and considerable protein with few energy. Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

I’ve added a few inexperienced onion, but you may change it out for different greens (be sure to chop them finely) if you like. Roasted red bell peppers, finely chopped broccoli, spinach, kale–go to city together with your favorites, however hold the entire quantity to 1/3 cup (finely chopped) or less.

Second, give the egg mixture a stir after 30 seconds, then again at 60 seconds; the outcomes can be fluffy and soft.

Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe
Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

Best And Easy Frittata In A Mug Recipe

2 mins
2 minutes
four minutes
2 huge eggs
2 tablespoons fats unfastened or lowfat cottage cheese
2 tablespoons chopped inexperienced onions (approximately 1 small inexperienced onion)
2 teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese
Pinch of pleasant sea salt
Freshly cracked pepper

Coat the internal of a espresso mug with nonstick cooking spray (I use Spectrum Organics)
In a small bowl, whisk the eggs. Whisk within the cottage cheese, then the green onions, Parmesan, and salt & pepper; pour into organized mug.

Microwave on HIGH 30 seconds; stir egg mixture. Microwave 30 seconds; stir once more. Microwave forty five to 60 seconds longer till eggs are simply set.

The finished frittata is the proper size for becoming on a toasted English muffin in case you select a breakfast sandwich–or need to eat your frittata at the pass!

Nutrition Information
Serving Size
entire recipe
Amount Per Serving
a hundred seventy five
Total Fat

2 minute frittata collage


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