Aloo Paneer Tikki Recipe

Aloo Paneer Tikki Recipe

Aloo Paneer Tikki Recipe. A simple to-make recipe, Aloo Anjeer Ki Tikki is very delectable and can be eaten as a tidbit on social gatherings and kitty parties.

Aloo Paneer Tikki

Aloo Paneer Tikki Recipe

A remarkable mix, this tikki recipe tastes astounding in winters and storm.

How to make Aloo Anjeer Ki Tikki

Stage 1

Heat oil in a kadahi over medium fire and profound fry the figs.

At the point when done, let them cool and cleave. Save it to the side for filling.

Stage 2

Presently, take a huge bowl and add every one of the fixings together and blend pleasantly to make a batter.

Stage 3

At the point when the batter is ready, take out little equivalent extents, around 7 or 8 pieces and make wads of them.

Stage 4

In every one of the pieces, fill the slashed figs in the potato balls and keep it to the side.

Rehash the methodology for each piece.

Stage 5

Heat oil in a kadahi over medium fire and add the fig stuffed potato balls.

Aloo Paneer Tikki Recipe

Stage 6

Profound fry the balls till brilliant in variety. When done, take them out and smooth the balls. The Tikkis are ready, serve it with ketchup.

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