Wheat Naan Khatai Recipe

Wheat Naan Khatai Recipe

Wheat Naan Khatai Recipe. Naan Khatai is India’s own special desi bread roll which is made in an open broiler (you can make it in your OTG or cooker or convection stove moreover).

It is delicate and liquefy in-the mouth roll and has an interesting taste with an undeniable smell of desi ghee, which recognizes it from different treats.

Wheat Naan Khatai Recipe

It very well may be put away in sealed shut holders for longer periods and is a most loved kids formula.

It’s a bona fide nibble formula of the North Indian cooking and can be effectively ready at home.

All you want to set up this astonishing nibble formula is: besan, generally useful flour, ghee, semolina, yogurt and powdered sugar.

Children will fall head over heels for this prepared tidbit.

How to make Naan Khatai

Stage 1

To set up this delectable nibble formula, add sugar and ghee in an enormous bowl and beat them well utilizing an electric blender.

This will make the ghee and sugar combination velvety and smooth.

Stage 2

Then, in a huge bowl filter together gram flour, generally useful flour, baking pop and baking powder.

Once done, keep to the side.

Stage 3

Then, add yogurt in the bowl of smooth ghee and sugar combination.

Utilizing a spatula, blend well.

Stage 4

Then, at that point, in the bowl of flour blend, add this curd combination alongside cardamom powder and semolina.

You don’t have to work this combination, simply whirl and ensure every one of the fixings are blended totally. (Note: If the combination looks excessively grainy, add 2-3 tablespoons of milk in it .)

Wheat Naan Khatai Recipe

Wheat Naan Khatai

Stage 5

At the point when the mixture is done, crush out a little part of it and roll into your hand.

Then, at that point, press to smooth it a little and put an almond cut on it.

You could actually avoid squeezing almond cut and set it up prefer as such as it were.

Additionally, to make a plan on your naan khatai, you can do that utilizing a toothpick.

Stage 6

At the point when you are finished with making the naan khatai, you should heat them.

Whenever you line the naan khatais, ensure that there is sufficient room in the middle to allow them to rise.

Stage 7

At last, place this baking plate in a pre-warmed stove and prepare for 20-30 minutes at 180 degree Celsius until brilliant brown in shading.

When done, let them cool on wire racks and serve warm. You could in fact store them for a really long time in a water/air proof compartment.

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