Wheat Flour Batti Chokha Recipe

Wheat Flour Batti Chokha Recipe

Wheat Flour Batti Chokha Recipe. Chokha is made utilizing wheat flour, dark gram flour and potato.

Batti Chokha

Wheat Flour Batti Chokha Recipe

This fundamental course recipe tastes really credible of Indian flavors and is a scrumptious lunch and supper recipe!

How to make Batti Chokha

Stage 1

Blend the oil and salt in the flour and work into a smooth batter with tepid water.

Let represent at some point.

Stage 2

Heat up the potatoes. When done, strip the potatoes and crush well.

Blend in the cleaved onions, hacked garlic, mustard oil, salt, green chillies and blend well.

Litti Chokha Recipe by Priyant kitchen - Cookpad

Stage 3

Eliminate the filling from the red stew pickle.

Dispose of the skin. Utilize 1 tsp of this to blend in the stuffing. Blend in the every one of the elements for the stuffing.

Stage 4

For the — manipulate the mixture for one more moment and gap into six balls.

Cook over gleaming coals till the external outside layer is softly seared and the are firm to contact.

Stage 5

Eliminate and submerge in desi ghee. Serve hot with the potato chokha.

Wheat Flour Batti Chokha Recipe

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