Veggie Tortilla Recipe

Veggie Tortilla Recipe

Veggie Tortilla Recipe. Now is the ideal time to satisfy those unfavorable food cravings with something crunchy, zesty and messy. Ideal for rainstorm nights, this superb Veggie Tortilla is an ideal dish to plan at home without investing a lot of amounts of energy. Not exclusively is this dish simple to make and yet, it very well may be ready for certain basic fixings accessible in your kitchen.

Veggie Tortilla Recipe

This firm, messy and easy to make Mexican tidbit, these are ideal for any time – evening chomps, late night munchies, film snacks. Attempt this simple to make nibble recipe and charm your friends and family with your culinary abilities.

Elements of Veggie Tortilla

6 Servings
1 cup squashed tortillas
2 cup rinsed,drained dark beans
2 cup salsa sauce
1 small bunch cleaved jalapeno

For Toppings
1 small bunch cleaved lettuce free leaf
1/4 cup hacked spring onions
1/2 cup hacked tomato
1/2 cup destroyed cheddar

Veggie Tortilla Recipe

The most effective method to make Veggie Tortilla

Stage 1
Orchestrate the tortilla in a lubed baking container.

Stage 2
Spoon over the salsa sauce and spread equally.

Stage 3
Add the dark beans and cheddar.

Stage 4
Place the dish into a preheated broiler at 400F/200C.

Stage 5
Cook for 10 minutes or until the cheddar has dissolved.

Stage 6
Eliminate and move to a serving bowl.

Stage 7
Sprinkle the spring onions, lettuce and tomatoes on top.

Stage 8
Serve without a moment’s delay.

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