Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand Recipe

Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand Recipe

Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand Recipe. Shrikhand is a famous Gujarati dessert recipe that can be effortlessly ready. Generally, shrikhand is ready without cooking and is simply ready by mixing and chilling. Throughout the long term, there have been a few varieties of shrikhand and nowadays you can undoubtedly find organic product enhanced shrikhand. Of which, the famous ones are mango, chocolate and kiwi shrikhand.

Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand Recipe

Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand is one of those assortments and is arranged utilizing kiwis, dim chocolate, hung curd and powdered sugar. This is a fascinating sweet recipe that you can have after feasts despite everything not become stressed over the calories as it has a few dietary properties in it. This Fusion recipe is stacked with chocolaty and fruity flavors, this shrikhand recipe will win the hearts of your visitors in any party.

Elements of Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand

6 Servings
3 cup hung curd
2 cup kiwi
150 gm powdered sugar
1/2 cup dull chocolate

1/2 teaspoon powdered green cardamom
For Garnishing
4 tablespoon blended dry organic products

Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand Recipe

The most effective method to make Kiwi Chocolate Shrikhand

Stage 1
To set up this mouth-watering sweet recipe, strip the kiwis and finely cut them in an enormous bowl. Utilizing a masher, crush the kiwis or you can likewise crush to a fine puree (leave a little for decorating reason). Then, put a non-stick container over medium fire and add kiwi puree in it. Heat it to the point of boiling and afterward add powdered sugar in it. Mix to blend well and cook until thick in consistency.

Stage 2
When it is thick in consistency, move the combination into a bowl and put it in the cooler for chilling reason. Then, add chocolate in a glass bowl and put it in the microwave for dissolving reason for 10 seconds at 180 degree Celsius. When the chocolate is dissolved, remove the glass bowl from the microwave.

Stage 3
At long last, take an enormous bowl and add balanced curd in it. Utilizing a bristle, whisk well and afterward add cardamom powder alongside blended dry organic products in it. Yet again whisk and allow it to refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Stage 4
Following 20-minutes of chilling, take out the chilled hung curd and add chilled kiwi puree in it. You can utilize a stubble again t blend them well. Then, add the softened chocolate over the kiwi and curd blend.

Stage 5
Pour the kiwi chocolate shrikhand in bowls or sweet cups, and topping with finely hacked kiwi and blended dry natural products. Serve chilled.

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