Veggie Potato Salad Recipe

Veggie Potato Salad Recipe

Veggie Potato Salad Recipe. Garden Veggie Potato Salad is a solid recipe made utilizing potatoes, ringer peppers and yogurt.

Veggie Potato

Veggie Potato Salad Recipe

This simple recipe makes an incredible tidbit and is a scrumptious plate of mixed greens recipe.

Attempt this speedy recipe at home!

How to make Garden Veggie Potato Salad

Stage 1

Strip the potatoes and spot them entire (don’t jab) into microwave-safe dish.

Sprinkle a couple of drops of olive oil. Cover it with a cling wrap and punch little hole in plastic.

Presently, microwave on high for 10 to 12 minutes relying upon strength of microwave.

Stage 2

Cautiously eliminate cover from dish because of steam develop and let cool.

When they cool down, cut them into reduced down pieces.

Stage 3

Place them in an enormous serving of mixed greens bowl.

Add yogurt, spinach, onion, celery, red and yellow ringer peppers, ground carrot and clipped new basil.

Stage 4

Pour the excess spoons of olive oil in the serving of mixed greens, alongside salt and pepper according to taste.

Throw well so every one of the fixings blend. Embellish with coriander.

Veggie Potato Salad Recipe

Stage 5

You might serve this salad immediately or serve it refrigerated for essentially an hour to permit flavors to mix.

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