UP BJP Lawmaker Backs Comments On Allopathy

UP BJP Lawmaker Backs Comments On Allopathy

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Singh has joined the row between Ramdev and the doctors’ fraternity, saying some doctors are like “demons”.

The Bairia MLA also backed Ramdev for his remarks against allopathy, and termed him a flag bearer of the Indian medicine system.

“Those robbing society by making the present medical system expensive are giving lessons on morality. People who sell tablets worth ₹ 10 for ₹ 100 in the field of allopathy are criminals in white clothes, not well-wishers of society,” Singh said in a post on Facebook.

He, however, went on to say both allopathy and Ayurveda are helpful.

“Allopathy is useful but Ayurveda is no less. Physicians should serve the ailing people with this sense,” the BJP MLA added.

In a second post, he said, “I heartily congratulate the flag bearer of the Indian system of medicine, Ramdev ji. He has started the “Swasth Bharat, Samarth Bharat Abhiyan” through Ayurveda.”
Speaking to reporters, Singh said Ramdev was pursuing ”Sanatana Dharma”.

“If I retire from politics, I will take up the responsibility for its promotion,” he said, and added that the yoga guru’s argument was absolutely correct.

On Sunday, Ramdev was forced to withdraw a statement made in the viral video clip in which he was heard questioning some of the medicines being used to treat the coronavirus infection and saying that “lakhs have died from taking allopathic medicines for COVID-19”.

The remarks were met with vociferous protests, following which Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan asked him to withdraw the “extremely unfortunate” statement.

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