Turkish Manti Dumpling Recipe

Turkish Manti Dumpling Recipe

Turkish Manti Dumpling Recipe. Turkish Manti Dumping is a customary dish of Mediterranean food, where the minuscule formed pasta is loaded up with minced hamburger or sheep meat and is cooked with yogurt, onion, garlic, eggs, and a melange of flavors. This Turkish recipe will be a genuine victor on unique events like kitty party, pot karma, and smorgasbord; and will be cherished by children and grown-ups the same. Attempt it and appreciate with your friends and family!

Turkish Manti Dumpling Recipe

Elements of Turkish Manti Dumpling

8 Servings
500 gm ground meat pieces
1/2 teaspoon dark pepper
2 tablespoon garlic
6 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 tablespoon stew chips

water as required
450 gm yogurt (curd)
4 egg
4 onion
1 teaspoon salt
4 cup regular baking flour

Turkish Manti Dumpling Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Turkish Manti Dumpling

Stage 1
To set up this tasty dish, strip the onions, wash and wipe them off and shred the onions in a bowl. Once done, utilizing a major sifter separate the onion juice from the destroyed onion. Channel the juice and keep the excess onion pieces to the side until required once more. Cautiously slash the garlic into exceptionally fine pieces and save them to the side for additional use.

Stage 2
Then, take a batter massaging plate and add all reasons flour in it followed by adding salt, eggs and enough water for working the mixture. Blend well and massage the flour into a smooth batter. Cover the mixture with a sodden material and permit it to rest for 30 minutes.

Stage 3
In another bowl, add the destroyed onion followed by adding ground meat, dark pepper powder and salt. Blend well utilizing a wooden spoon.

Stage 4
Presently, take the pre-arranged batter and cautiously separate it into 2 equivalent parts. Dust some regular flour on your kitchen counter and utilizing a moving pin smooth one portion of the mixture into a flimsy level square shape. Keep the other half immaculate and covered with the clammy fabric.

Stage 5
Then, utilizing a perfect blade, cut the leveled mixture into little square molded pieces. Then, at that point, cautiously move the pre-arranged hamburger filling in the focal point of the squares. Seal the edges of the square with water or vegetable oil and secure it on the top. Rehash similar advance with the excess pieces.

Stage 6
Take a spotless plate and residue it with some regular flour, cautiously move the pre-arranged dumplings in the plate. Utilizing a similar system, make more dumpling out of the other portion of the mixture and rehash the technique.

Stage 7
In the mean time, take a profound lined skillet and put it on medium fire to set up the yogurt sauce. Heat refined oil in it and saute stew pieces for 30-50 seconds. Eliminate the dish from fire and blend yogurt and cleaved garlic in it. Mix well and keep the blend to the side. The yogurt sauce is prepared.

Stage 8
Take an electric liner and add water in it. Heat the water till it is adequately hot and afterward put the dumplings on the liner plate, and cook the dumplings in clusters for around 25-30 minutes.

Stage 9
Cautiously, put the cooked dumplings on a perfect plate and sprinkle the newly pre-arranged yogurt sauce in a liberal sum. Serve new and hot!

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