Tripura Man Strikes Gold With Cultivation

Tripura Man Strikes Gold With Cultivation

Tripura Man Strikes Gold With Cultivation, Meet 32-year-old Bikramjit Chakma, who needs to cover the tropical slopes of the northeastern province of Tripura with Kashmir’s renowned “ber apples”.

As a pilot project, Mr Chakma has developed the Kashmiri assortment of the natural product on his 1.25 hectare of land and procured a net benefit of ₹ 3.5 lakh in one season, winning honors from the central pastor himself.

Mr Chakma, who hails from Pencharthal in Tripura’s North locale, said he came to think about development of “ber apples” in adjoining Bangladesh, and chose to take a stab at the natural product in his state, which has comparable climatic conditions.

“I saw on the web that “ber apples” are developed in plenitude in Bangladesh with generally excellent yields. Along these lines, I felt free to purchase 1,300 saplings from West Bengal at ₹ 2.5 lakh and planted those in March a year ago, which were collected in January. I acquired ₹ 6 lakh by selling the produce,” he told PTI over telephone.

Mr Chakma said his uncle and two cousins used to develop potatoes, radishes and other occasional yields on a similar real estate parcel, which got uniquely about ₹ 12,000 every year.

By and large, 40 quintals of “ber apples” were reaped, of which 12 quintals were sold in the discount market and the rest in the open market at a normal cost of ₹ 115-120 for every kg, he said.

“We never felt that the sapling I brought would bear such a lot of natural product. With appropriate consideration and watering, we desire to gather near 80 quintals one year from now,” he added.

Boss Minister Biplab Kumar Deb has hailed Mr Chakma for his creative thought that set an illustration of confidence.

“This young fellow has made progress by applying an extravagant thought in cultivating with his uncles. He develops Kashmiri apple ber trees in 6 Kani regions. Bikramjit is idealistic that the trees will bear twofold organic product one year from now.

“I acclaim his drive. His longing to get independent and to make progress will move others in the state also,” Mr Deb said in a new Facebook post.

Horticulturists in the state are cheerful that development of “ber apples” would arise as a methods for vocation for jobless ranchers.

Baharul Islam Majumder, previous head of the Horticulture Department, said other than this assortment of apple, there are numerous organic products which can be developed in the unused and uplands of Tripura.

“I would demand the public authority to make a drawn out arrangement for agriculture and declare a unique bundle for the cultivators,” Mr Majumder said.

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