Tart Smashed Potatoes Recipe

Tart Smashed Potatoes Recipe

Tart Smashed Potatoes Recipe. Tart Smashed Potatoes is a magnificent starter formula that you can get ready for your loved ones in minutes. Tart Smashed Potatoes is ready with tamarind, that makes it tart and the red stew powder gives it a fiery taste.

Tart Smashed Potatoes

4 Servings
4 potato
1 onion
salt as required
1 teaspoon red bean stew powder
2 Teaspoon refined oil.

Tart Smashed Potatoes Recipe

Stage 1 Boil the potatoes
Heat up the potatoes and permit them to cool.

Stage 2 Mash the potatoes
Crush the potatoes with the goal that they smooth a little.

Stage 3 Fry the pureed potatoes
Heat a few oil and fry the crushed potatoes until they are fresh on both the sides.

Stage 4 Keep to the side the potatoes and fry the onion until brilliant in shading
Presently, eliminate the potatoes and keep them to the side. In the leftover oil, add onions in the skillet and fry till brilliant.

Stage 5 Add red stew powder and salt
Presently, add some red chiili powder and salt to the onion and blend well.

Stage 6 Mix tamarind glue
Presently, add the tamarind glue and blend well till its majority is consumed.

Stage 7 Cook for 2-3 minutes and serve hot
Cook for 2-3 minutes, eliminate from fire and serve.

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